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Patient Requested Lab Tests


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Patient Requested Lab Tests


Pay at Test Time and Take Control of Your Results

Lab tests can help you monitor certain health conditions and help you better communicate with your physician. The Regional Medical Center offers Patient Requested Lab Tests at four convenient locations. All tests must be paid for up front with cash, check or credit card. Health Insurance will not be filed.

Lab tests results will be mailed directly to the patient within two business days from the day the test was completed. All test results are reviewed, and if test results are significantly abnormal, the patient will receive a call to discuss them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my results?
Test results are mailed directly to the patient using the address given on the order form. Results are usually mailed within two business days of the day that the test was completed.

Are there extra fees for collecting, processing or enrolling?
No. There are no extra fees. The total cost of each test will be collected at the time of registration. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. Insurance will not be filed.

Will the Regional Medical Center send a copy of the results to my physician?
No. All results will go directly to the patient. The patient will need to take the results to their physician at their next appointment.

How can the Regional Medical Center offer these tests at low rates?
Since payments for lab tests are collected up front by cash or credit card, there are no costs of processing insurance claims, invoicing, collecting and other paperwork. So the cost savings is passed on to the patient with low-cost tests.

Can the lab staff explain the results to me?
No. Patient Requested Lab Tests are not a substitute for medical care from a physician. You are encouraged to share the results with your regular physician.

If I do not have a physician, what do I do?
Call the Regional Medical Center's Physician Referral Line at 803-395-4631 to find out which physicians are accepting new patients in our area.

Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in this program?
Yes. As a general rule, a person must be at least 18 years of age to request testing without being accompanied by a parent or guardian.

May I take a copy of the lab results to my physician?
Yes. Your lab report is completely official. It is recorded in the Regional Medical Center's lab computer files and will include all of the standard data that physicians typically expect to see with lab result information. The Regional Medical Center will send you a report of your results, and if you wish, you may take them to your physician at your next office visit.

What if some of the test numbers are too low or too high?
All test results will be reviewed, and if the patient’s results are significantly abnormal, the patient will receive a call recommending that he/she seek medical care. The Regional Medical Center suggests that you follow up with your physician to best understand your results.